Mothers of Gold Mission

A long time ago in traditional African societies, young ladies were educated on the ways of the world by their aunties. Aunties taught young girls proper hygiene, how to prepare meals for their families, and how to clean a home. The Mothers of Gold program operates in the spirit of these aunties, geared toward empowering women in Ngora by bringing wisdom and progressive ideals to young women in this fast-changing society.

In the villages within this district, many women deal with teen pregnancies which causes them to drop out of school and ultimately struggle to support themselves and their children. Many of these women independently run their households without the support of a partner. Mothers of Gold strives to empower young women through socio-economic support programs that improve their quality of life and in turn, they help to continue community development.

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Mothers of Gold Objectives


Provide avenues for improving welfare in Ngora communities through our chicken distribution project.


Ensure that young women are aware of their human and civil rights and assist through legal interventions.


Improve the quality of life for families living in the Ngora area by increasing household income from an average of a dollar a day to at least five dollars a day.


Empower women to start income-generating projects to support their families.


Improve hygiene in the community by constructing toilets for at least four families each year.

Who We Work With


Gift Angels partners with local councils run by tribal chiefs to locate, diagnose, and solve the most pressing issues in their communities. Additionally, we partner with local health centers and local village health coordinators.


Partnering with organizations that are focused on skills development and education is invaluable. We have worked with organizations such as the Action Hope Ministries Empowerment program and Friend of Uganda to empower women to run sustainable businesses and other income-generating activities.


We partner with influential women in Uganda who have risen above expectations and circumstances to achieve recognizable accolades. We plan to engage and inspire young women by connecting them to these female icons and role models.

Income-Generating Opportunities

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The Ngora region of Uganda is rich with beauty and resources, but its people are greatly affected by poverty. A staggering 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. We believe that by investing in educational and awareness initiatives, we can combat this rampant poverty, and improve the lives of the locals there. In particular, we aim to empower the many hard-working female breadwinners.

For agriculturalists, Ngora is one of the most fertile places for farming, and a lot of non-residents buy land to set up farms and gardens. Our goal is to equip the women in Ngora with the knowledge and skills to generate income and improve their financial standing. We do this through business skills training, financial management workshops, and establishing the foundation for poultry farming in order to step closer to kicking poverty out of Ngora.

Our Measures of Success

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Every beneficiary returns eight chickens after six months and still retains eight or more for themselves.

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At the end of every cycle, every beneficiary should have reared at least 40 chickens that can be sold or utilized for eggs, realizing a substantial profit margin of at least 20% and saving 20% of their total earnings.

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For this initiative to be considered successful, we hope to see an extended outreach to over 20 villages.

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A measurable and visible improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries at the end of every cycle.

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We will reach 5 villages each year for the next 5 years, totaling 25 of Ngora’s 46 villages.

Awareness Programs

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A broad range of social issues, including domestic violence, land wrangles, and poor financial management, often results from a lack of information about legal rights.

The Mothers of Gold Awareness and Sensitization program aims to educate communities on their rights, and the different options available to them. Our goal is to uplift them through educational sessions on human rights, gender and women’s rights, domestic abuse and violence, civil rights and property ownership, reproductive health, and basic financial management.

This project’s main goal is to improve the welfare of young women in the Ngora district. It is their strength and hard-working nature that gives us the confidence that this project will be fruitful. For each village, a needs assessment will be conducted to ensure that we customize the training and workshops to topics that are relevant to them.

Health Initiatives

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As an organization, we aim to create sustainable programs that the local communities, groups, and individuals in the area can use. The partnerships we are making and intend to make with local leaders and health centers are all steps to ensure that the community takes ownership of every project started in their area and aids in achieving the change we want to see.

The Health centers will rebuild people’s confidence in the importance of seeking medical help, and counseling in times of crisis, rather than resorting to resignation or unhelpful traditional practices.

There is a much lower rate of teenage pregnancies in urban areas because pre-teens and teenagers are taught about pre-marital sex, HIV, and pregnancy prevention methods. We believe that providing an outreach program to all schools will have the same impact.