Gift Angels Foundation Ministries

Gift Angels Foundation Ministries

We are angels sent to the community bearing gifts of healing, faith, understanding, and restoration.

We are an organization that values every individual and loves all children in the world.

We are a community-focused organization. We derive our knowledge and understanding from the spirit of the Almighty Lord to serve the community just as Christ surrendered everything for humankind. In the same way, we are conformed to His vision of His community. Therefore, we strive to bring life to all communities so that every individual can enjoy life in its fullness through Christ.

Two children kneeling on grass

Campaign With Us

Group of children kneeling beside one another

It takes God to end violence against every child in a country.

Globally, 1.7 billion children are affected by violence each year. Violence, whether physical, sexual, or psychological, can have an enormously detrimental impact on children and often affects their well-being for years to come. That is why at Gift Angels Foundation we are relentless advocates for supporting victims of violence, and investing in educational programs to end the cycle. All children have the right to live in a community free of violence.

We invite individuals, groups, and organizations that share the same Christian vision to join Gift Angels Foundation to spread salvation to the world.

Support Our Ministries

Become a life-changing story to someone’s life, be an ambassador of GAF ministries, evangelize with us to save lives from destruction. Be part of the restoration, seminars, and disseminating the good news of Christ our Lord. Preach online, physically, or in the communities of Uganda with Gift Angels Foundation. Please contact us to join our ministries.