We are all Gift Angels

At Gift Angels, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of our community members by expanding educational and health resources and opportunities.

Who We Are

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Gift Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization with a focus on providing necessary services for various underserved communities in Uganda.

As an organization based in Uganda, we have witnessed the issues that underserved communities face on a day to day basis. We aim to cover education, agriculture, and health issues, specifically HIV-positive individuals, through community development programs and informational sessions.

Our Initiatives

We have various ongoing initiatives throughout different regions in Uganda to expand education opportunities, distribute resources to improve health and strengthen communities to combat poverty.

Children holding school supplies up

Bring a Smile to a Child

We are on a mission to address the critical situations that the Karamojong youth are facing. The youth in the Karamoja region are susceptible to domestic violence, child marriages, and life on the streets due to the lack of education and poverty. We aim to provide those services and raise awareness on the critical issues at hand in this region of Uganda.

Children holding school supplies up

Mothers of Gold

We want to completely bridge the gap between young women and an enhanced quality of life through socio-economic opportunities. This has led to our Mothers of Gold initiative, where we empower young women, living in the Ngora district, through agricultural education!

Our Ministry

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At Gift Angels Foundation, we work to improve the lives of our community members by following in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are angels sent to the community bearing gifts of healing, faith, understanding, and restoration.

We are always eager to grow our community. Learn more about the Gift Angels Ministry, and how you can get involved.

Become a Gift Angel!

Whether you would like to join our ministry, volunteer in one of our initiatives, or donate to our cause, we would love for you to be involved. Contact us today to become a Gift Angel.