Spreading Joy in Karamoja

Our Bring a Smile To a Child project addresses key issues that affect children in the Karamoja region. Currently, we are focusing on Karamoja as it has a high number of homeless and uneducated children that result from child marriage, domestic violence, illiteracy, and poverty.

The standard of living in Karamoja has been improving gradually, but that gradual improvement has not yet positively impacted the Karamojong youths. With Bring a Smile To A Child, we hope to raise awareness and to provide the necessary services and support, while adhering to our core values of social equity, unity, love, and sustainability.

Smiling children holding stationery

Touring Karamoja

Karamoja is a region in northeastern Uganda that is blessed with many beautiful sites, including the Kidepo Valley National Park, villages known as Manyattas, and a rich cultural heritage. The tours started as a student support network that combines cultural outings with charity work and local businesses have supported the trips by providing water and other necessities. Future trips will also raise tuition funds for young children in the region. Our goal for this initiative is to provide every young Karamojong with the tools to enjoy quality education and a healthy lifestyle. Some of the key objectives are as follows:

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Raise awareness of sexual and reproductive health and engage young women in income-generating activities as an alternative to life on the streets.

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Develop and run an awareness campaign to fight, with the hopes to completely end, domestic and gender-based violence.

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Promote education and help children to develop their talents.