We're Dedicated to Our Community

Gift Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization, with a focus on providing a range of social, health, and development support in Uganda. We create space for different thoughts and tools that can contribute to community development.

The organization was co-founded in 2015 by Richard, Violet, Peter, and Michael, and has been registered since April 2019. With their collective shared backgrounds in business administration, hospitality, concept development, global development issues, and sustainability, they are leading Gift Angels Foundation's initiatives towards building stronger communities within Uganda.

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Our Vision

Community development is crucially needed in Uganda and we believe that through educational efforts and direct community engagement, the communities will change positively.

We strive to provide the youths of Uganda with access to basic education and income-generating developmental programs. Additionally, we run informational campaigns to raise awareness on overall health and sexual/reproductive health, especially for HIV-positive individuals.

Our Mission

At Gift Angels Foundation, we believe in utilizing all the tools at our disposal to contribute to overall community development over a singular focus on one specific development issue. This has allowed us to develop an ongoing and continuously updated list of objectives for our initiatives:

How You Can Help

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We believe in our work and the work that our volunteers do. We are happy to continue to grow our volunteering community and encourage everyone that has an interest in the work we do, to please contact us for more information.

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As we strive to build a stronger community, we are always open to expanding our partner community with other organizations/businesses, who align with our mission and goals. If you're interested in partnering with Gift Angels Foundation, please contact us for more information.

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As a non-profit organization, we are funded by the generosity of individuals who believe in our mission to improve community development in Uganda. Gift Angels Foundation aims to maintain complete transparency at all times and we use all donated funds to progress the initiatives that we are currently developing/running. If you'd like to support Gift Angels Foundation, please proceed to our donate page for more information!